Since 1984, Oikos has been producing eco-friendly paints and colours, free of toxic substances to ensure well-being in the living environments Our philosophy is characterised by significant sensitivity towards a sustainable culture, which results in the conscious use of natural raw materials and the re-use during manufacturing of natural production waste, such as stone, marble, and travertine.


Continuous attention to research and innovation allowed us to create exclusive projects, combining respect for the Italian decoration tradition and the design of high performance solutions, which explore new materials, processes and finishes to meet the technical and decorative needs of any type of indoor and outdoor surface.


In 2011, with the concept of "Colour and Material", we created a new decorative system that is now used by numerous companies. The result is a large collection of eco-friendly design paints, capable of reproducing natural material on the surfaces, ensuring wear resistance as well as continuity of colour and product.