Deco Paint attends Batimat 2022 International fair

Deco Paint - the ecological professional paint will have an entirely dedicated space to its eco-solutions at Batimat 2022: the construction trade show. Batimat is the international multispecialism trade show for the construction industry. It draws in all contractor decision-makers and professionals to select the innovative solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow.

The latest edition saw the participation of over 240.000 visitors.

Batimat is a unique networking opportunity for visitors and exhibitors, helping them to find inspiration, understand trends, touch and test products, and have experiences which they could not have through digital solutions alone. The world is changing along with consumers, marketing and communication. The most successful companies are those that work most closely with their clients. This means that the latest challenge facing businesses is to be able to provide highly personal services. This new marketing solution is creating value but changing behaviour. Batimat is therefore investing in communication and community events throughout the year, using new influencing methods and new digital tools that will attract visitors via smart and relevant content.

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Deco Paint attends Batimat 2022 International fair

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