Amethyst Residence, Klyuchi Resort

Ecology and color, new standards of international hospitality


The interior design with a contemporary aesthetic is embellished with neo-classical details and Oikos colors in the project for the Ametista apartments, part of the Klyuchi Resort in the Suksun district, Perm region in Russia. The project, signed by Elena Teterleva, embodies the essence of modern hospitality: aesthetics, comfort and environmental sustainability.

Twenty standard and six VIP rooms make up the luxurious new residence which further enriches the offer of the well-known Russian resort. Ultrasaten, part of Deco Paint Oikos, was chosen by the designer both for its vibrant colors and for its unrivaled technical characteristics.

It is an ultra-clear and ecological wall enamel, super-opaque, super-washable, scratch-resistant and highly resistant to abrasion. It resists every stain and allows perfect cleaning, without the intensity of the color being affected.

HACCP certified, it is literally the ideal solution for hospitality, where the need for durability, constant and often aggressive cleaning must coexist with the need to preserve flawless aesthetics over time.