Grand Hyatt Residences

Imperium Travertino Monolitico Ottocento Desdemona Ottocento Antico Velluto

In one of the most luxurious residential areas of Manila, part of the Grand Hyatt Penthouse Residences complex, is the elegant penthouse which has been the subject of the restyling of one of the most influential interior designers in the Philippines: Chat Fores.

The eclectic designer, famous for collaborating with major fashion brands and taking care of the interiors of the homes of many international celebrities, has chosen for this penthouse a mix of eco-friendly Deco Paint paints and decorations whose effects evoke marbles, velvets and precious metals.

Used for over 2,500 years, travertine is a precious natural resource, but in serious danger; the most environmentally friendly choice is to use a decorative paint that recreates its effect. The Travertino Romano Deco Paint by Oikos is obtained with the processing scraps of travertine, and is able to recreate the qualities of natural stone on the wall.

Next to Travertino Romano, Chat Fores wanted to insert Ottocento, the ecological decorative paint, which - based on the angle of reflection of the light - recreates the effect of velvety fabric, which in the past was used as a wall covering for luxury homes and prestigious buildings.

The final touch is given by Imperium, with the preciousness of its metals, an expression of beauty with a strong link between traditional techniques of the past and the contemporaneity of the effects once on the wall.

The combination of these decorative ecological paints and their exclusive finishes gives the whole the desired atmosphere of elegance, contemporaneity and eclecticism that characterizes all the works of the famous Philippine interior designer.