Sominee Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Monograph Hotel

Eco paints Eco fabrics Eco lime Eco cement

The Monograph Freedom Square Hotel di Tblisi offers an extraordinary welcome and relaxation to its guests in the suggestive architectural setting signed by Oikos.

The Monograph Freedom Square Hotel was designed by studio and Motif Design Elements and made by Motif, georgian official partner of Oikos. The whole concept draws inspiration from Georgian culture by offering guests the vision of works of art and craftsmanship presented with a touch of modernity.


Every glimpse of the internal environment is calibrated with taste and elegance starting from the smallest elements, carefully selected byMotif Design Elements such as lamps, desks, chairs, vases. The furniture is designed by B&B Italia and Maxalto. All of this is enhanced by the Oikos ecological decorative paints such as Marmorino Naturale, Travertino Romano, Fil Posè and Tiepolo Gessato, from time to time worked in order to enhance the individual elements thanks to the different tones and applications.

Giopato&Coombes in collaboration with the two main studios has created a chandelier-sculpture that is the protagonist of an incredible stairwell treated with Oikos ecological paints such as Supercolor.

The refined features of Georgian writing, full of biblical and esoteric meanings, have been incorporated into the chandelier. Scent Milano has even created a special perfume for the entire hotel by synthesizing the notes of Black Pepper and Black Wood.

This combination of color, light and texture generates an elegant and warm space. A minimalist environment with a great personality.


The concept from which the Sominee restaurant was born, present within the hotel structure, is that of a contemporary reading of Georgian traditional cuisine.

The result was obtained thanks to a skilful mix of flavors and interior design elements, furnishings, combined with the seasons and periods of the year, and custom-made chandeliers. All wrapped in the decorative frame of the Oikos walls. For the latter, the ecological decorative paints Aureum, Ottocento and Fil Posè have been selected, which give a rich and refined atmosphere to the environment.


Located right in front of the historical Freedom Square, the Monograph Lounge Bar offers its guests a unique experience, thanks to the beautiful panoramic views of Tblisi and the eclectic and sophisticated atmosphere of the interiors. Here, too, the perfect balance has been created between the offer of local and international gourmet food and wine and interior care. Some of the Oikos best sellers such as Ottocento and Fil Posè are combined with mosaics, mirrored surfaces and wallpapers. To close the circle, the presence of custom-made chandeliers that create cascades of light from the ceilings also decorated thanks to Oikos. These unique spaces make the Monograph Freedom Square Hotel di Tblisi a place that can guarantee its visitors an all-round sensory experience.