The Galleon Showroom

Eco paints Eco fabrics

The Galleon is the name of a mixed-use project in the heart of the Ortigas Center business district in Manila.

The two towers host offices, residences, services, shopping centers and were built by the Ortiga entrepreneurial group. On the 6th floor of the complex there is the Galleon Showroom, a LEED Platinum interior project by Chat Fores Design Studio.

Oikos is present with its decorative eco-solutions in most of the environments of Galleon Showroom. Fil Posé with Imperium on the architraves, Encanto in the galleries, Ottocento Antico Velluto in the corridor, in the living room and in the bedroom, Ottocento in the Lounge Area, Pegaso with Encanto Grey in the Living Area.

The luxury, refinement and charm of the project were also emphasized with details that see Oikos as protagonist: Trame with Imperium in the closing room, Trame Incrociato with Pallas Grey in the Foyer and in the dining area, Imperium Gold on the doors.

As mentioned above, The Galleon Showroom has obtained LEED Platinum certification which gives great importance to the ecology and sustainability of materials.

Also, in this case, Oikos made a great contribution to the project thanks to 100% ecological decorative solutions, produced without harmful substances for the environment and for humans.