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from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

June 5 is World Environment Day: we have chosen this date to contribute to the dissemination of voices, messages and information that can make us all more aware of the solutions to save it, and to save us, these solutions already exist if we have the conscience and the responsibility to make them ours.

For this reason we have organized a Round Table with the presence of Architects, Designers, Economists and Entrepreneurs who give their precious opinions and points of view on how Architecture and Design are fundamental to trigger a process of change on a planetary level.

The round table will take place in Live Streaming on Facebook and Youtube from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm on June 3, 2021. Language: Italian.



Isidoro Trovato,


Journalist and economics expert, he is in charge of the professionals section of Corriere della Sera. Graduated in Classics, he tells the stories of small and large companies on the Corriere, with particular attention to environmental sustainability and innovation. In his career he worked as a collaborator of Mediasete correspondent for the newspaper La Sicilia.


Claudio Balestri,

President of OIKOS - Ecological Paint

Entrepreneur born in 1957, founder of OIKOS in 1984, pioneer and innovator, with tenacity and enterprising spirit he led the company to be a world leader, demonstrating that it is possible to do business without polluting the environment and affecting people's health. A virtuous reality of the Green Economy to be imitated.


Vanessa Pallucchi,

Vice President of Legambiente

President of Legambiente Training School since 2008 and member of the MIUR School Building Observatory; she was national head of Culture and Territory of Legambiente from 2011 to 2015, coordinating the beauty campaign. From 1999 to 2007 President of Legambiente Umbria. You are a member of the Unesco Commission for Education for Sustainable Development.


Giulio Cappellini,

Architect and Designer

Founder of the Cappellini brand, discoverer of internationally renowned talents and Art Director of the Marangoni Institute; he was elected by the US magazine Time among the ten trendsetters - literally "creators of trends" - in the field of fashion and design at an international level and characterized as an ambassador of excellence of Italian creativity in the world.


Giuseppe Cappochin,

Architect, President of the Foundation Barbara Cappochin

Important representative of the concept "quality of life, quality of architecture" until 6 May 2021 President of the National Order of Architects; he is the coordinator of UrbanMeta, network signed by a significant representation of civil society in the Veneto, from economic categories to professions, from universities to trade unions, from builders to environmentalists and land reclamation consortia.


Simone Seddio,


Specialized in redevelopment and seismic safety of historical real estate assets. He oversaw the Casa21 eco-sustainable building project; the project earned him the United Nations global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) award and was sponsored by international government bodies such as The Climate Project.


Carola Arrivas Bajardi,


She is the winner of the Mirna Terenziani award dedicated to the women of the Green Building Council, she specializes in innovative projects in the field of Green building; she obtained a PhD in engineering on Life Cycle Assessment - environmental assessment of the life cycle, she worked on European projects at the ARPA Sicily regional environmental agency and became president of the Palermo section of the National Institute di BioArchitettura, INBAR. Currently he lives and works in Palermo where he has an architecture studio.


Giulia Bonetti,

Contract Management Business Analyst

Collaborator of the 'Copernicus' project, the Earth observation and monitoring program set up by the European Commission; volunteer for the United Nations; selected by the McKinsey Institute as one of the Next Generation Women Leaders, she deals with environmental issues, climate change and sustainable energy;


Francesco Bertolini,

Professor and Economist


SDA Bocconi Professor and President of the Green Management Institute, which has been promoting environmental innovation at the level of industrial supply chains for over 20 years and brings together some of the most interesting entrepreneurial realities in terms of environmental sustainability of its business model. He regularly writes from many years on the Corriere della Sera and follows as a consultant some of the most interesting environmental reconversion projects at national level.

Change must first of all be thought through and, if every designer included ecological materials and technologies that do not harm the ecosystem in their projects, in a few years our impact on the environment would be drastically lightened.

If consumers were also made more aware, companies would find themselves forced to use precisely those eco-sustainable materials required by the market in their production processes. 

Planning, Architecture and Design create our choices and also our way of looking at the world: if we carry out these activities in an increasingly sustainable way, we will truly be able to preserve the planet for the generations to come; if we transfer greater sensitivity to consumers, we will have the strength of market demand from below which, combined with design thinking from above, will impart the necessary strength to bring about real change in the world.



One action, multiplied for each of us, can make the difference: prescribe only ecological, sustainable products; producers will have to offer only clean products.

Together we can make a world of difference. The next generations will thank us.


Since its foundation, in 1984, OIKOS ecological paint has chosen to pursue with awareness and foresight an entirely sustainable production in respect of the environment and people's health.

For this reason, on the occasion of World Environment Day, the company has decided to take responsibility for being the spokesperson for a way of doing business without polluting. It does so by bringing its own example but, above all, by giving the floor to important exponents of Architecture, Design, Economy for a moment of discussion and sharing on the theme of conscious design.

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