OIKOS - Ecological Painting together with Legambiente for the defence of our ecosystem

Our planet absolutely needs greater respect for the environment, it can no longer withstand the constant attacks of economic growth that continues to impoverish natural and environmental resources. In all these years it has been attacked by all of us, but now it has reached the extreme of his defense capabilities.

Of course, it has been talked about for some time and many words have been spent, but economic interests still prevail: the big economic/ financial players continue not to listen to the voices of protest that arise in the world and continue their path that, if not stopped, will lead to the destruction of our planet.

Then there is only one alternative: get busy, commit to grow movements of people who decide not to buy and use materials, products and technologies that in some way can damage the environment.

Each of us has a responsibility: it may seem small compared to the great politicians and powerful people, but history teaches that the many small actions of the little ones can make a great strength, so we must do it.

This is why we have chosen to do so with Italian environmental association Legambiente which in these 40 years has carried out important battles in support of respect for the environment; forty years of common goals and commitment to defend the planet, which we have decided to support by joining the fundraise and giving voice to the theme with some initiatives that will take place on the occasion of World Environment Day.


There is something that can change the market and the world: the right purchase. If we ask for ecological products, companies will produce ecological products. When we all demand and buy ecological products, we change the market. When we all demand and buy sustainable products, we change the world. Buying ecological products is our strength. Let's use it all together.

“There is no category or person who cannot or should not have a sensitive gaze on every action that takes place in daily life. All of us, with every small gesture, can contribute to the improvement of the planet if we work with prevention and education, so that investments are not needed to redevelop what we have destroyed. Every morning we get up with our actions, and with these actions we can improve or destroy what Mother Nature gives us at the rising of the sun; we are always responsible for what happens, so we must do everything possible to increase and develop the sensitivity of each individual towards what will be tomorrow. "



from 10.00AM to 10.00PM
Event in attendance and Online


On the occasion of the World Environment Day, OIKOS - Ecological Painting has decided to:

Create OASIS OIKOS, Organization for the Environment, Sustainability and Innovation;

Open the gates to a natural open-air area surrounded by greenery;

Offer everyone a day of relief and refreshment in an environment immersed in the vegetation and scents of nature for a moment of well-being;

Strengthen the commitment to raise the awareness of all citizens towards the environmental issue.

The day inside the OASI will be accompanied by various initiatives such as plantings, cultural events, music with live performances by artists, sports activities, poetry reading and, above all, by a total contact with nature in the company of the wonderful horses and donkeys. living in the wild within the area: thirteen hectares immersed in the evocative setting of the San Bartolo Park (Province of Pesaro) with a sea view of the historic Vallugola Bay.

Opening Oasi Oikos
11.30 am
(italian time)
Live from Oasi Oikos
3.30 pm
(italian time)
Live from Oasi Oikos
5.30 pm
(italian time)
Oasi Oikos Sunset Concert
9 pm
(italian time)


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