Odessa. Oikos a partner of the Metronom Project

The Metronom Project made an appearance in Odessa on 24 September 2020, with the topic "Development in the historical part of the city”. Oikos Ukraine, the official distributors for Oikos products in the Ukraine, was a partner for the event which was held in an exceptional location: “Victory Gardens”.

More than 250 architects, designers, town planners and draughtsmen took part in the evening, listening to the key speakers’ interventions by people such as Julian Chaplinsky, Andriy Vavrysh and Mykola Chepelev. Large-scale participation and discussion on a matter of great importance for the city of Odessa and its historical centre, an element of interest for the city’s tourist and economic development.

With a view to support all events connected with town planning, architecture and interior design, Oikos Ukraine enthusiastically agreed to be a partner for the Metronom project, a travelling event organised by the specialised magazines “House and Interior” and “A: 1 - Journal of Urban Studies of Ukraine and the World”-

The next Metronom project appointment will be on 16 October 2020 in the city of Dnepr.

“Oikos is always eager and willing to take part in architecture-related events”, said Claudio Balestri, the Oikos President, “especially if, in addition to design and development, there topics I am passionate about, such ecology, respect for the environment and human well-being” are discussed. It was also an opportunity to confirm the traditions of friendship and trade between an Italian company and our Odessa customers. A tradition that dates back as far as 1200, when ships from Genoa dropped anchor in the location that is now the city of Odessa today”.

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