When we talk about ecology and wellness, we talk about Oikos: a word of Rainews 24.

When the theme is ecology, the reference point is Oikos. The Rai journalist Giuliana Palmiotta, for a report by the Butterfly Effect on RaiNews24 on the themes of sustainability, innovative materials, natural and circular economy, has chosen Oikos as a symbolic company and spokesperson for ecological painting.

Oikos products synonym of innovation and sustainability.

The service took place in our show room in Milan with the intervention of the manager arch. Antonio Bello who, starting from minute 4'48 ", exemplified how Oikos has always put ecology in the foreground by presenting a product such as Travertino Romano Oikos: made by reusing waste materials shredded and mixed with other components to have environmental impact and costs very low application rates.

Also in the foreground is Cemento Materico Oikos: obtained with the recovery of waste materials and interpreter of recent technological and trendy developments in the field of interior design.

Oikos: a sustainability path started in 1984.

For Oikos, sustainability is a daily mission. Since 1984 it has embarked on a path that starts from the choice of raw materials but also from reuse and recovery to arrive at accurate studies on the environmental impact. The goal is only one: to be at the forefront in creating ecological paints, performing for those who use them and able to guarantee total well-being and protection for man and the environment.



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