Talking about Oikos on Kaliningradskie Doma

The magazine Kaliningradskie Doma wrote about a new project of the architect Alexander Glushkov who realized the Nesselbek, a teutonic castle in the region of Kaliningrad used as a hotel. The architect, after a careful and in-depth research, selected Oikos products to make it as historical or authentic as possible.

This is also thanks to a visit to Oikos Italian headquarters where he could touch the Oikos materials and understand how they are alive and real as well as appreciate how they are ecological and safe for health. To decorate the columns of the spa was used Raffaello Decorstucco, along with natural marble, while Travertino Romano was used to decorate the walls of the hotel reception. The hotel is expanding and the architect Alexander Glushkov has already thought of using Tiepolo, a novelty that he met during the design week of Kaliningrad directly from the President of Oikos, Mr Claudio Balestri.

Tiepolo was created in collaboration with the famous Italian architect Giulio Cappellini who developed the color chart based on the works of the artist of the eighteenth century Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Alexander Glushkov has identified Tiepolo because the colors are taken from the frescoes of the palace and the temple and will ideally adapt to the authentic atmosphere of a medieval castle as they bring a historical spirit.


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